Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Perfect Ombré Lips

The Ombré look

The Red Ombré

Apply lip balm first. Let it soak for a minute. Use a lip liner and draw the outline on your lips. Apply your red lipstick. Make sure it blends with your lip liner. Apply the pink lipstick in the middle on your lips. Use your lips to blend the colors. Apply another layer of lip liner. For a glossy finish apply lip gloss.

For A Darker Ombré.
How To: Ombré Lips!
Step 1: Apply concealer/foundation to lips

Step 2: Outline your lips with a Black liner. I used Smolder Eye Kohl by MAC. As you can see I have over-lined mine to give a fuller appearance (trust me I need that, haha). Then, start dragging your line to the inner corners of your lips. The length you want to extend it to is up to you. The closer you draw to the center of your lips, the more dimension it will give. It doesn't matter if it’s slightly messy as we’re going to go back and clean it up soon.


Step 3: Taking your lip brush, blend the line you just drew inwards to create a seamless gradient.
Step 4: Apply the lipstick of your choice and blend further! I used Ruby Woo by MAC (If need be, conceal any smudges or uneven lines).

All done! If you want even more dimension, you can of course go back in with the liner and re-apply to your desired intensity. And/or you can apply a clear lipgloss in the center of your lips! This is my preferred option.

For A Pink Ombré.
Bored of regular ol' lip colors? Try an ombre look.

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